Power Station Insulation

One of our main areas of expertise is in the design, supply and installation of all types of insulation for use on power generation plants.

We have carried out many contracts on new build CCGT power stations:


oing back to 1991 where we carried out the thermal and acoustic insulation for Siemen KWU at Killingholme power station on the BoP piping, Gas and steam turbine as well as all auxiliary plant.

Over the years this led to further contracts with Siemens KWU on other new build CCGT sites such as Kings Lynn, Didcot B, Seabank, Peterhead, Cottam CDC and Huntstown in Dublin.

We have also carried out new build CCGT insulation contracts with Alstom (Killingholme A, Enfield, Langage and Staythorpe), Raytheon (Saltend) and Black and Veatch (Conoco Phillips ICHP).

This work on new build CCGT projects also led to long term maintenance contracts on a number of power station sites for clients such as Powergen (Eon), National Power, Centrica , SSE and Conoco Phillips.

We also have wide experience on CCGT sites throughout the UK and Ireland in providing insulation services for planned (and unplanned) outages working to often tight schedules.

In addition to CCGT sites we have also carried out some contracts on coal fired power plants such as Drax, Ferrybridge and Longannet over recent years.

We have a management team who have been together many years who are able to provide experienced, competent and qualified craftsmen and supervision to meet clients requirements for quality workmanship carried out on time and within budget.

We provide insulation systems for:

  • Boilers and Auxiliary Plant
  • Gas Turbines
  • Steam Turbines
  • Exhaust Diffusers
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Ducting
  • Steam and Auxiliary piping
  • Pumps
  • Spheres
  • Pumps
  • Fireproofing

The insulation types that we have most experience in are:

  • Preformed MMMF and sheetmetal cladding (for piping and fittings)
  • MMMF Mattress and profiled cladding (for boilers, equipment and ducts)
  • Cellular glass with vapour barrier (Terostat etc) for Cryogenic LNG Systems
  • PIR/PUR Foams with vapour barriers for Cryogenic systems.
  • Refining Columns and vessels
  • High temperature products such as Insulfrax
  • Bespoke insulation jackets using varying types of insulation infill and cloth facings.
  • Cassettes and composite panels for acoustic enclosures
  • Specialist insulation systems using materials such as microporous silica and aerogels
  • Alternative finishes such as Fibaroll and Tembutil

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